Can I return everything in the same parcel?

As a marketplace platform all goods ordered from our site are sent to you directly by our specially selected and trusted sellers. Please ensure you return items to the correct returns address.

Did your items arrive in different parcels?

Each of your orders will have been sent to you by a different seller, therefore, it’s vital that you return your orders to the correct address. Don’t return all of your items in the same parcel.

To ensure your items are returned to the correct place, please follow the steps outlined in the ‘How do I process a return?’ article. You’ll be provided with the correct address for each of the orders you’d like to return.

Our sellers will only be able to process a return if they receive the correct orders to the correct address.

Did your items all arrive in the same parcel?

If your items all arrived in the same parcel, it means they were all sent to you by the same trusted seller. This means they can all be returned in the same parcel too!


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